Friday, April 25, 2008

Ah, vacation in the horizon

I will be leaving for a chalet in the Great Smokey Mountains tomorrow. This is a long awaited vacation and will be spent with the "girls" from my family. We have managed to leave the men and children at home, I know you feel a slight twinge of is OK, totally understandable.

Yesterday in my yard I took a few minutes to capture a beautiful sight...just look. My dear sweet mother gave me this lilac bush several years ago. It is just outside my bedroom and right now with the windows open at night...I have to tell you it is delightful.
As if that isn't grand enough, take a look at this....our crabapple tree looks like heaven. We have a beautiful yard, this is what we enjoy most about our home. I may share photos of our garden soon. I have it planted, here is praying that we don't have any surprise Indiana you just never know.
Cards later tonight hopefully.

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