Sunday, August 24, 2008 is a good thing

Hello! You will never guess where I am....yep I'm in Washington state. Flew into Portland Oregon this morning with my husband Mark, we were met at the airport by Pastor and Alice...explored Portland, saw beautiful sites and enjoyed the presence of our dear friends that we love so much. Ah, life is good and God's blessings are abundant.

Our flight was great, the sky and weather perfect. We saw Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. St. Helen very clearly from our plane. We also saw a windmill farm from the sky...all of which was a first for both of us.

Had to pleasure of seeing Joel, he is such a wonderful young man. His smile melts my heart. There is something about Joel and Lauryn that is warm, loving, and endearing. They are precious. We met them while they were youngsters and have enjoyed watching them grow into beautiful young adults.

Portland is very interesting...the "MAX" (mass transit) in the downtown area is free. Unbelievable! Still trying to get my mind around transportation in the downtown area, wow! We took the "MAX" into downtown Portland and saw the sights, visited an Italian festival and an arts fair, bought a few pretties.

We went to Multnomah Falls, Oregon and enjoyed God's handiwork. The waterfalls tumbled over the mountain, creating a fine mist that was set ablaze in a delightful multi-faceted prism of colors. Ferns are everywhere and lush moss clings to the trees. We enjoyed lunch at the waterfall with a cute little ground squirrel.

After our visit to Portland, we meandered into Washington. If interested....I'll post some photos of the first day of our vacation. I am sure Mark got some great shots of the falls.

Now about this card...I posted it because it is my birthday! I gave myself a birthday treat by going to see my friends...Happy Birthday to ME!

The card has crackle paint, then Basic Grey's paper. The flowers are cut out and place on dimensionals that vary in depth. Used some red stickles in the center of the flowers. This card was messy to make but fun at the same time. Now to figure out how to get it into an envelope. Wish me luck.




Anonymous said...

Now why didn't you tell me it was your birthday? I can't bake a Carrot Cake for your birthday if I don't know anything about it can I? Well Happy Birthday Teresa! Hugs Glinda

Teresa said...

It snuck up on me....kinda. OK that isn't true however, if I had known that by casually mentioning my birthday may have made me a receipent of your famous carrot cake, I would have been singing like a bird. Now I say....tell Andrea to stay away from the cake!