Friday, August 29, 2008

Still on vacation - Sunday

Day two...we have arrived and have settled at Pastor and Alice's home. Washington looks awesome, Pastor and Alice have a lovely home. God has blessed them abundantly.

It is raining...a light steady mist of a rainfall. I've heard only tourist use umbrellas here....ahem, perhaps I should put my bumper shoot away.

Today we will be attending Longview Church of God, they are having a guest speaker. His name is Gordon Mote. Mr. Mote is a very talented pianist and performs with Bill Gaither. He spends time in the recording studio with Rascal Flatts, good old Church of God boys. He has been playing piano since he was three, which is quite remarkable considering he was born blind. I strongly recommend you visit his site and support this wonderful man of God. One of his songs that I found especially moving is called "Wake Up Dancing". Mr. Mote's ministry is very powerful and his music...very profound, moving really.

After Sunday service....we went to a steak house and ate toooo much. Many people from the church were there, felt like old times and I loved it. Mark and I have met several people from the church. They are lovely people, it is an honor to be in their midst.

In the evening we attended services and were blessed to hear Pastor Fischer deliver the message. He preached from Revelation 5:1, about the Book of Redemption with seven seals. The book contains the story of man's fall through sin and rise through Christ Jesus. Only the lamb, the lion....the Holy One, who is in the center of the throne is worthy of breaking the seals and opening the book. He can do this because of who He is...the Lion of the tribe of Judea. Where He is...the right side of the Father, and what He does...redeems us.

The scrolls of our lives and hearts can only be opened by Him as well. He is our Lord and Creator at the right side of God, standing in the gap for our sins...our advocate and intercessor. Just typing this makes me praise Him!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

It makes my heart swell with complete love of Jesus just thinking of His grace and mercy. How He loves us. That He suffered the cross, the most painful and humiliating death to take away the sins of the world. A fact that is so hard to fathom...what all encompassing love, for you and me. WOW! Oh yes, He is very worthy of our trust, praise, worship, and love! All we need to do is trust Him to open the seals of our lives.

After the pleasure of hearing Pastor's sermon, (I can't emphasis what a true pleasure it was)several from the congregation met for dinner at Dairy Queen. I loved extending my church family and meeting other brothers and sisters in Christ. My family just keeps growing.




Anonymous said...

OK Teresa, I just couldn't take it any longer reading about being in service and getting to hear Pastor Fischer(yes Pastor I still remember that you have a "c" in you name) you surely didn't think I would forget that did you. I just had to pick up the phone and call Teresa and order two of those tapes. One for me and one for our sweet Ruby. She needs your prayers.

Just want both you and Alice to know how much I still miss you. Hugs Glinda

Teresa said...

Copies have been requested!