Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creating paper from a napkin - more wisdom from Rebbecca

This card was created at a card club gathering, our hostess Rebbecca shared this technique with us.

Who would have thought of creating beautiful paper using a napkin? Well that is one of the projects Rebbecca shared with us. It is truly lovely. We used Pearl-X paints that really adds pop and bling.

How was it done you ask... The napkin was unfolded with bumpy side up, painted with flexible black acrylic paint. While drying, I mixed four different shades of Pearl-X powdered metallic paints (just a measured smidgen) with a bonding medium. In one of the vials, I added glitter. Once the painted napkin dried, I took a baby wipe cut it into four pieces, then dabbed the colors onto the napkin. Allowed that to dry, then turned the painted image down on a table then added a peel and stick paper adhesive to the back side of the painted napkin. Cut out the newly made paper and added it as accent paper to this lovely card.

Did not paint the stamped image as it would take the focus off the paper.

It was a little work and took a while, but the effect is dramatic. I like it.

Thanks Rebbecca!


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