Monday, March 30, 2009

Technique - Making paper black shiny cardstock and Pearl X

I recently attended a card club as a guest. The person hosting was the most graceful Rebbecca. The evening was a coffee/tea theme and each attendant brought a card for each person there. Wow, I loved that part, I acquired a stack of nine awesome cards. But the best part of the evening was meeting these lovely people and having fellowship. You know when you meet people that love paper crafting, you can ease into smooth free flowing conversations in a second...and we did.

Back to Rebbecca, it was her turn to host the evening, meaning she brought a few projects for us to do. We used Pearl-X paints to create a metallic background. It really was easy, we mixed the paint with Jacquard Finest Grade of Pure High Gloss Clear Copolymer - a brand of varnish. Stirred the mixture then poured the paint on shiny black cardstock, rubbed another piece of the cardstock with the first piece..had to move quickly or the two papers would bond, then came up with this.

I could envision this being used on a Christmas card with the one star or as a backdrop for the wise men. Just thinking out loud.



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