Friday, March 27, 2009

Ever Buy Inspiration?

I have. Cardmaker has a card kit club that I recently joined. The first kit is sold at a substantial discount, so not much to lose if you don't like the kit and you can quit at any time. I thought I would give it a go. This is what I received in the first kit....

I like it. The kit has enough materials for ten cards. I only made three (one I sent to my dear husband). There are a few items in these cards that stood out for me, one is on the love card, note the window...that is approximately 30 small pieces of folded paper. I've never quilted paper before, the photo doesn't show this well, but the effect is very nice. As for both cards, I loved the use of hot wax and stamps. You melt the wax then press your stamp into the wax for a very nice touch. I also liked the use of windows. I received a box of window cards and was at a complete loss of how to use them, now I have some ideas.
I also learned, you should handle black cardstock minimally as it does show fingerprints and smudges in certain light. I liked the use of black, tan, and white papers with large red brads, really looks elegant.
Synopsis....worth it. Especially for the use of new techniques. I just received my new kit, it is all birthday cards, some of the highlighted techniques are the use of pop ups and an explosion insert (whatever that is). Wish me luck!
Blessings and happy paper crafting!

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