Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thanks to a teacher you can read this!

It is teacher appreciation time, and I have found such stamps to be in short supply. I did find My Favorite Things, Back To School mini set. A pretty good buy at $9.00. I must admit at first glance I wondered about the headless thing, but decided it was OK. I tried a few color variations, but stuck with the red, just seemed to fit. This card goes to my grandson's preschool teacher. He has excelled under her and is amazing us all. At four years, he can say the "Pledge of Alligence", it is a beautiful thing to hear and so very fitting this Memorial Day weekend. Not to brag or bore you too much, but his little three year old brother can say it too. All of the papers I used came from my scraps so I can't really name them. The embossing helped with the blackboard, I wondered how it would look if I had stamped white text to resemble chalk, I'm going to try that. Anyway, this is a first pass, and it is ok.
Have a great day!

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