Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year - We are pushing on through.

Wow, 2008 left me with a few brutal you know my praying, stamping friend Glinda passed away. Her death wasn't expected, a loss that I feel is harder to process. She is with the Lord and I choose to focus on that fact. God speed Glinda.

Emersyn was admitted to Riley Children's hospital Christmas day, she was released January 2, 2009. She had para-influenza. She is doing much better and I thank God for that.

He is Jehovah provider. He provides peace when our hearts ache, healing when are sick, time to care for the family when mother's spend time in the hospital. He is so faithful and I am so appreciative.

Time to move forward and focus on life and living. So here is to a life well lived.


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