Thursday, September 4, 2008

One last vacation post - this one is for card lovers!

While at Pike's Place Market, Alice and Pastor slipped away and bought me a prize...and you know I do love prizes! Of course it was easy for them to give me the slip because my head was going back and forth like the fuzzy dog ornament in the back of my father's old pink Desota. (He really did have one, it really was pink, and he kept it parked under the Mimosa tree, which just so happens to have pink blooms.)

Just look at these beautiful cards! Aren't they awesome? I just love them and they will be a constant reminder of the great time we had in Washington with our lovely friends.

These cards are very unique, they were stamped by local Seattle artist, John Sollid. All of the designs are block printed with linoleum, wood, or metal in Seattle. The colors are vibrant and crisp, no smudges...very nice.
I would love to see the stamps used to make these cards.
What a treat!

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